Free Code Camp

After a lot of searching, I think I found what I was looking for: an online coding camp that was both free and worthwhile.

It is called This website is created by a guy named Quincy Larson. The code camp (which takes about 9-12 months) is entirely free. It is community supported and run as a non-profit.

I actually tried to take FlatIron’s free trial but could not get their software to run properly on my computer. Their customer service was not great either and they ask a lot of strange permissions when linking your GitHub account. I do not really plan on making a huge career switch out of this, but apparently a lot of members have gotten jobs by completing about 1/3 of the course (about 475 hours of work). I have looked at their portfolios and and GitHub accounts to verify their work.

I completed the first few modules of FreeCodeCamp (FCC) and could not be happier with it. I am currently stuck on a problem so I figured I would take this break time to share this website with others.

In addition, I think a program like this is just the beginning of a lot of online academies that will be coming. With University prices escalating to ridiculous heights, free applied camps like this are bound to catch on fast.



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