Bought some chickens, stacking some wood

Well, this page is an “experimental” page after all. These experiments can include chickens.

I have been working on an organic farm in the area. I have been doing things like feeding chickens, turkeys, goats, and picking tomatoes and moving irrigation pipe, pulling cover plastic, etc. It has been an interesting experience. One side bonus of the job is I had an opportunity to buy some quality chickens at a discount price. They were the “picked on” chickens, and were in a separate container away from the other birds. The farmer said she wanted to sell them. I decided the time was now to get them…

So far they are pretty good. They are actually pretty low maintenance and are kind’ve funny. I’ve heard people say chickens have personalities and can see what they mean now. One of them thinks she owns the place.

Another cool thing about them is that they are certified organic. I did not necessarily need this, but the farmer I bought from is certified, so if were inclined I could have the eggs certified organic. It is not really worth it to me right now.

Here is a photo of two of them. They don’t really like to leave the barn. They are Rhode Island Reds.

In other news… we are stacking wood for winter. One cord is stacked!



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