Hired for first gig! Volunteering at Thunderbolts.info

Happy to announce that I am working at a local Web Development/tech consulting company called Spin Group in Milwaukee, WI. I will be building/adding content through template-based online editors as well as doing some JavaScript magic. I was referred to this company by my wonderful sister Jessica who runs her marketing business at herandhimsel.com.


I also started volunteering at a 501(c)3 non-profit that specializes in research in electric universe theory. The non-profit is called The Thunderbolts Project. I will post a link to my work if and when it’s published. In the mean time, I highly recommend one of their documentaries. Truly it doesn’t get much nerdier than this but the more I research electric universe theory the better it explains universal cosmic phenomena like black holes, neutron stars, etc. It also helps root some of the universal symbols in human culture in a more understandable way. The project doesn’t just dabble in the ultra-geeky spacy stuff, but there is a fair amount of mythology, anthropology mixed in as well which makes the videos palatable for guys like me, and hopefully you as well! Go on, watch, you know you want to.

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