Recently most of my time has been dominated by both my work and by writing articles for Thunderbolts.info. Both of these endeavours are going pretty well in my opinion. Thunderbolts has published two articles now, and my work at Spin Group is really engaging.

However, I would like to take some time to reflect on my own perspectives and progress outside of my work. The reason is that often I am having to make compromises in my writing in order to make things fit, and I am often working on projects that are more or less handed to me. This is not bad, but I would like to take time to re-affirm my own reasons for learning web development.

First and foremost, I want to state what a fun technical challenge it can be. Solving the puzzles of building websites takes use of special tools and processes, and it can be a joy to solve in itself.

Secondly, it is a career path with promising outlooks. This does not exactly go without saying, as many technical fields are ephemeral. There are niches within web development (like the use of HubSpot) that will continue to grow, and the field of front-end web development still has a large market for new developers.

Third, it has a creative bend to it. Unlike the engineering field I left behind, web development is a creative field. I use photoshop, I make style changes, I use different typefaces/fonts to convey different messages. In this sense, I am able to use some creative force in my work instead of strictly making calculations and charts.

Prepare an Excel file as ODBC source for Data Advisor ...
This was a lot of what engineering was. Data science is cool, but an endless stream of *.xls BS gets old fast man.

Lastly, I have had more practice doing copywriting. The only regret with copywriting is that I am saying things that are for other people most of the time, in some way squashing my own voice. That is part of the reason I am writing this post, is to simply exercise my own voice and say what I really think.

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