Hi. My name is Jim. I am a recent graduate of UW – Madison. After graduating, I had a strange desire to build a website. So I did so. This website’s purpose is both to improve my skills in web-development and to also be a fun “side-hustle” type project. As of now I do not intend to make a living off-thing website, but more to build problem-solving skills and release some creative energy. I live in WI.

Update 3/8/18

Why the name? My middle name is Wolfgang, and the domain jwolfgang.info was available at a nice discount. : D Since I have built the website, my career trajectory has shifted away from engineering and environmental science and more towards web development, content integration, and web management. The reason being that web development offers excellent career prospects and has the advantage of utilizing aesthetic creativity whereas engineering and environmental science typically do not. The new purpose of the website is to support my career goals. It also helps me stay centered and is a great place for me to focus on my own aspirations (whereas at work I typically focus on other people’s needs and goals).