Freebies and Coupons

Since I’ve gotten such good support from the software development, micro-finance, free applications, and open-source communities, I would like to forward some of this goodness to you. Below are some coupons, promo-codes, and other goodies for people who are looking for…well…free stuff. I promise these aren’t pyramid schemes…

Or are they?

No, they’re not.



Acorns coupon:
You get a free $5 in your account with this reference code. Acorns is consistently rated the best micro-investing app on the market. You connect a credit/debit card and it rounds up all transactions to the nearest dollar and invests the difference. For instance, you blow $3.21 on some gum at Walgreens. The app wires $0.79 to a Acorns account, and invests it into an ETF. Pretty nifty. I saved enough to buy a Raspberry Pi in three months under normal spending conditions.
Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean is a “cloud infrastructure provider.” Which is a fancy way of saying they own a lot of servers and you can rent space on them. You can also set up “1-click” installations of LAMP stacks, LEMP stacks, MEAN, and a lot of things I do not really know anything about.
It happens to be, that this web-page is powered by a Digital Ocean server. In San Francisco, USA, World, Solar System, MILKY WAY. EH HEM.
The coupon is below. You get a free $10 credit (enough to power a reasonably spec’d server for two months). Spoiler Alert: you have to spend $5 of your own money, but it’s still worth it in my opinion. $5 for three months of server = good deal to me!
The link to your $10 coupon is below. You’re welcome.
1and1 Domains
I bought a year’s worth of this domain for $1.17. It comes with an email host service as well. The *.info suffix is pretty cheap IMO, good for a barebones website like this.
The customer interface is not the slickest, I will say that. It seems a little dated, but overall I’m happy with what I have.
I called customer service when I had an issue with setting up the email address on my server correctly. They solved the problem fast. They said leave feedback on Twitter and I got a free $5 credit. So essentially the domain and email are on the house for the first year. Then it’s $20 a year…
Here’s a one dollar coupon, to get your crisp *.info page for a year. I’d get a dollar too. Win-win:
Commision free stock trading! Woo. An investivus, for the restivus!
Seriously though, trading stock freely is a great idea. Commissions are so baby-boomery.
 Get a free stock by signing up with this link: