“The Hum” Research video released by ThunderboltsProject

Hello! Some “The Hum” research really caught on with Thunderbolts.info, a non-profit dedicated to electric universe theory research. The producers there made a video out of my article. Please view it on YouTube or Thunderbolts.info.

It turned out nice. Talbott Productions did a great job building off of the article and using scientific journal articles throughout. I hope to work with them again.

HubSpot Design Certification

I am happy to announce that I am officially HubSpot Design certified! A lot of my projects in the past couple months have been based in HubSpot. These include the projects I have worked on at Spin Group. The design certification is for building templates that customers and clients can use. I will be storing this certificate on the “career-portfolio” section of my website here.

The process of getting this cert was challenging but straightforward. I had a client who needed one of their insurance pages created. On HubSpot, I had to create a “template,” a reusable page format that a client can build webpages with. This template contained a lot of what the design certification required: A navigation panel, photos, and some of the other standard ingredients. However, I needed to add several features that I was not as familiar with. These included a photo that disappeared on mobile view. I had to use a media query in order to accomplish this. I also had to create a collapsing menu that turns into a “hamburger” style menu on mobile view. HubSpot provided a tutorial in order to do this, but it was still challenging and involved some tinkering with the CSS and JavaScript template files.

There were actually 12 requirements which can be viewed here. They include including a custom CSS stylesheet, including a global module, and several other requirements that emphasized best practice on HubSpot’s Template Builder.

Hubspot design certification

Overall this was a great growth experience and challenged me to push myself a little deeper into web developer land. There were several challenging aspects of the project which included creating a fully responsive navigation menu and using media queries. The website itself is just okay in my opinion but any website will do when submitting. Please reach out to myself or Spin Group if you desire a custom HubSpot web template!

Client Lead Gen Survey

Check out some new content. This blog was done for SpinGroup.com. Mainly, this topic concerns building a custom survey. For the reader, this post gives a look into how the SurveyJS open-source library works. I did a lot of grunt work for this project, and only some brain work. However, I know this: SurveyJS is an excellent tool for those looking to embed custom surveys or lead-generation forms into their websites. Anyways, read!


Snippet of client lead gen survey blog

First 3rd Party Blog Published!

“The Mysterious Hum”

Susan Schirott at Thunderbolts Project has just published my first blog! Do not mistake this for the third first-party blog published.

So, I’m excited to be working for T-bolts — they produce a lot of great content.

This article covers a phenomena called “The Hum.” This was a required topic which I thought was interesting. I did not come up with this idea myself but was very happy to get my foot in the door with this blog.

The Mysterious Hum

Finally, read the article!

Second Website Launched!! Seeking Further Employment!!

Three, two, one…PSHSHSSSSSHHSHSH!!!

Okay. It’s actually already in orbit so that sound was a while ago.

Anyhow, I am happy to announce that the first website I co-created has been launched. Jwolfgang.info has partnered with Spin Group Milwaukee to produce a new website for our client. This website was also co-created with The Weaponry. It can be viewed here. Edit 3/9/18: Sorry! I am not allowed to disclose the client’s name.


If you are interested in hiring Jim, owner of https://jwolfgang.info, please send an email to jim@jwolfgang.info.

Current skillsets includes:

-HTML5, CSS (bootstrap), Javascript,

-HubSpot Integrated Marketing Tools

-Copy editing, verbiage modification

-Search Engine Optimization

-SurveyJS.io survey generation

-Fully Responsive Design (mobile friendly)

-Custom Template Design