This page includes selected projects I’ve worked on throughout my time at University, spare time, and paid work.

7/21/18 – JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification

6/18 – freeCodeCamp front-end web developer certificate.

6/18 – My GitHub account

Quickly post gists to GitHub Enterprise and github.com ...

4/10 – Yoast SEO for WordPress

 successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WordPress course!

2/18 – ongoing – AgentWP – Made wireframes using Balsamiq, built website architecture.

3/18 – Ongoing –BoothCentral – Wrote social media posts to drive traffic to web application. Rebranded website with team, remade website architecture.

6/18 – Zoo Beacon System – Used bluetooth BeaconStac beacons to boost engagement at Milwaukee County Zoo. Installed beacons, configured with mobile app and online dashboard.

3/18 – Mequon Montessori – I worked on this project as an employee with Spin Group. I wrote SEO aware content for this website, maintained consistency with the clients design requirements, and used the DIVI builder to integrate our content.

Capstone Project

Web Development

I was recently design certified with HubSpot.com!

7/12/18 – Inbound Marketing Certification


FreeCodeCamp Best Apps

Javascript Calculator

Twitch.tv API Channel Surfer

WikiPedia Viewer

Third Party Articles

Thunderbolts Project

Turning Sound into Light, April 2018

Turning Sound Into Light

The Mysterious Hum

The Mysterious Hum

The Spin Group Articles (semi-technical writing)

Client Lead Gen


Map Application